Anna Kristin Webber

saxophone, flute, composition

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Reedist Anna Webber, a Brooklynite by way of British Columbia, is one of the most exciting new arrivals on the New York avant-garde jazz scene in the past couple years. Her second album, SIMPLE, demonstrates the inextricable link between her improvising and her compositions; her detail-rich writing recalls the work of elders as disparate as Tim Berne and Henry Threadgill, and her busy motion evokes a fizzy sort of exhilaration.
-Peter Margasak, Chicago Reader

Anna Webber is a Brooklyn-based flutist, saxophonist, and composer whose interests and work live the overlap between avant-garde jazz and new classical music. With her Simple Trio, featuring drummer John Hollenbeck and pianist Matt Mitchell, she has released two critically acclaimed albums on Skirl Records: Binary (2016) and SIMPLE (2014).

SIMPLE (Skirl) is her best work yet, recorded with two of the best musicians working in New York’s compositional, high-concept avant-garde – the pianist Matt Mitchell and the drummer John Hollenbeck. These pieces are bracing, argumentative and engineered to show the range of the group members: fulminous, intense collective improvisation; rapid, chromatic steeplechases; research into long tones and textures.
-Ben Ratliff, New York Times

There’s a lot to admire about this record, and it expresses one command with unarguable clarity – to pay attention to Webber, both in the moment and in the future.
-Bill Meyer, Downbeat

In addition to the Simple Trio, Webber leads the septet Percussive Mechanics, with which she has released two albums on Pirouet Records: Refraction (2014) and Percussive Mechanics (2013). Her other projects include a quartet with Jonathan Goldberger, Michael Bates, and Jeff Davis; a big band co-lead with Angela Morris; Jagged Spheres with Devin Gray and Elias Stemeseder; and The Hero of Warchester with Nathaniel Morgan and Liz Kosack.

Webber has performed and/or recorded with Dan Weiss’ Sixteen; Jen Shyu’s Jade Tongue; Matt Mitchell’s A Pouting Grimace and Sprees; the John Hollenbeck Large Ensemble; a new chamber ensemble led by Ches Smith; the Adam Hopkins Sextet; Ohad Talmor’s Grand Ensemble; Fabian Almazan’s Realm of Possibilities; Noah Garabedian’s Big Butter and the Eggmen; the Erik Hove Chamber Ensemble; a sextet from Bang on a Can All-Stars member Ken Thomson; Harris Eisenstadt’s Recent Developments; and the Marike van Dijk Stereography Project. She recently played in the world premiere of Sila: The Breath of the World by Pulitzer Prize-winner John Luther Adams at the Lincoln Center.

In 2015 she was the recipient of a grant from the Shifting Foundation. In 2014 she won the BMI Foundation Charlie Parker Composition Prize as a member of the BMI Jazz Composers' Workshop. She is the winner of the 2010 Prix François-Marcaurelle at the OFF Festival of Jazz in Montreal. She has been awarded grants from the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec and the Canada Council for the Arts and residencies from the Brush Creek Foundation for the Arts and the Millay Colony for the Arts.

Originally from British Columbia, Webber studied music at McGill University in Montreal before moving to New York City in 2008. She holds master’s degrees from both Manhattan School of Music and the Jazz Institute Berlin.

Simplify Simplify (SIMPLE Trio)  |  

Jaggedsphere (Jagged Spheres)  |  

Tacos Wyoming (Percussive Mechanics)  |  

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Rectangles 2/Cats/etc
The Hero of Warchester magnificent promo video
with the Adam Hopkins sextet
with the Spielvereinigung Sued
with the Erik Hove Chamber Ensemble
with Anna Webber's Montreal People
with Nathaniel Morgan
with the JIB big band
with Fabian Almazan’s Biophilia Winds

Also I made all of these videos for KIM FEST 2015 in Berlin and I think they're pretty rad. You can click on this sentence to watch them.

Anna Kristin Webber

As a leader:

As a co-leader:

As a sideperson:
Harris Eisenstadt - Recent Developments
Fabian Almazan & Realm of Possibilities - SWR Newjazz Meeting 2015
Dan Weiss - 16: Drummers Suite
Guilhem Flouzat - Portraits
Erik Hove - Saturated Colour
Marike van Dijk - The Stereography Project
Noah Garabedian - Big Butter and the Egg Men
Simon Kanzler - Talking Hands
Martin Kruemmling - The Vision Behind
Ben Bryden - Flying Scot
Daniel Jamieson - Sudden Appearance
Stefon Harris and Blackout - Urbanus
André Bourgeois - Eau de Mai


Released on October 25, 2016 on Skirl Records

Matt Mitchell - piano;
John Hollenbeck - drums;
Anna Webber - flute//tenor sax/compositions

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Skirl Records

Rectangles 2
Impulse Purchase
Rectangles 3a
Rectangles 1b
Tug o' War
Rectangles 3b
Rectangles 3c
Rectangles 1a


Released on Sept 16, 2014 on Skirl Records

Matt Mitchell - piano;
John Hollenbeck - drums;
Anna Webber - flute/alto flute/tenor sax/compositions

It's packaged in a DVD-sized digipack with artwork from Karlssonwilker!
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Skirl Records

Simplify Simplify
I Don't Want To Be Happy


Pirouet Records - PIT3079 - Released January 6, 2015

Anna Webber - flute/alto flute/tenor sax/compositions;
James Wylie - alto sax/clarinet;
Elias Stemeseder - piano;
Julius Heise - vibraphone/marimba;
Igor Spallati - bass;
Martin Kruemmling - drums;
Max Andrzejewski - drums/marimba

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Pirouet Records

Five (Action)
Tacos Wyoming
Climbing on Mirrors
The All Pro 3 speed
Friction/Vif (Reflection)


Pirouet Records - PIT3069
Anna Webber - flute/tenor sax/compositions;
James Wylie - alto sax/clarinet;
Elias Stemeseder - piano;
Julius Heise - vibraphone/marimba;
Igor Spallati - bass;
Martin Kruemmling - drums;
Max Andrzejewski - drums

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Pirouet Records iTunes

Certain Transcendence
Percussive Mechanics
Sleeping Is Giving In
Let It Cut More Deep

Third Floor People

Nowt Records - NOWT 005
Montreal People: Anna Webber - flute/tenor sax; Erik Hove - alto sax; Jean-Sebastien Williams - guitar; Phil Melanson - drums

New York People: Anna Webber - flute/tenor sax; Matt Holman - trumpet; Owen Stewart-Robertson - guitar; Fred Kennedy - drums

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Third Floor People I
Parallelissimo I
Stop Rocking
Une Myriade
Boo Boo Boo Daa
Le Pont
Parallelissimo II
Third Floor People II

Jagged Spheres

Elias Stemeseder - piano;
Devin Gray - drums;
Anna Webber - flute, tenor sax

You can stream and buy this from our BandCamp page

Jaggedsphere (Stemeseder/Gray/Webber)
For Erik (Webber)
Health Bars (Stemeseder)
Two And A Half (Stemeseder/Gray/Webber)
Getting Hit Off My Bike, By a Nice Cab Driver At 3:33am In Williamsburg (Gray)
Two (Stemeseder/Gray/Webber)
Nineeight (Stemeseder)

The Hero of Warchester

Nathaniel Morgan - alto saxophone;
Liz Kosack - synthesizer;
Anna Webber - tenor saxophone

Cassette + digital download available at Prom Night Records

everyone needs a hero

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