January 14 - Marta Sanchez Quintet at SEEDS
Marta Sanchez - piano
Alex LoRe - alto sax
Anna Webber - tenor sax
Rashaan Carter - bass
Kush Abadey - drums
Livestream from SEEDS Brooklyn
3:30pm EST / 12:30pm PST / 9:30pm CET
Link to the concert is here (click)

January-May 2021: Fellow at the American Academy Berlin
Thrilled to have won the Berlin Prize in composition for 2021!
More info here (click)

My track 'Copland' is part of this super dope compilation.
Stream it for free here:

Chris Tordini, Theo Bleckmann, and I made an album collaboratively and remotely
Get yours here on Bandcamp (click)
We also played at the Underexposed livestream series, watch it here (click)

Anna Webber "Clockwise" Septet at JazzFest Berlin
My band was supposed to go to Europe in early November. Instead we played in Brooklyn and you can still watch the concert.
Livestream archive here (click)
Anna Webber - tenor sax, flutes
Jeremy Viner - tenor sax, clarinet
Jacob Garchik - trombone
Christopher Hoffman - cello
Matt Mitchell - piano
Chris Tordini - bass
Ches Smith - drums

This is from the before times, but it's newly uploaded. It was a fun set that happened ummm I can't remember when, but it was at Branded Saloon in Brooklyn.
Click here to watch
Anna Webber - tenor sax
Adam Hopkins - bass
Tom Rainey - drums

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